There has been a typhoon moving very very slowly over the island of Luzon for the last week. Luzon is one of the northern most islands of the Philippines. I live on Mindanao which is one of the most southern Philippine islands so I have not been getting any rain of note.

Before the storm made landfall on Luzon I heard a forecast that as much as 1 meter of rain could hit some areas of Luzon. Considering how bad a normal weather report is I did not really believe it. About an hour ago I saw a news report stating that 1.3 meters of rain had fallen in the last 24 hours somewhere in Luzon.

For you metrically challenged people one meter is 39.37 inches and 1.3 meters is 51.18 inches. I think that is about the most rain I ever heard of in one day. If that happened on my farm in Van Wert the entire area would be covered with 51 inches of water because it is so flat.  Most of the Philippines is mountainous and most heavy rain  drains off fairly quickly but when you are talking about 51 inches of rain I am guessing it will take several days for it to all drain away.

It did rain here yesterday but the news said we only got 2 mm of rain in CDO. That is way less than one tenth of an inch of rain. It has been pretty dry here for a few weeks and I have had to water my plants.

Other news.

The guy who is my best friend here lost his house to a fire on Monday. He rented the house from another American who lived in the house next door to his. The fire started in the other guy’s house and spread to my friends house. He has been staying with me ever since. He has not made any  move to find a new house to rent but I remember how depressed I was after my second flood so I will not push him for at least a few more days. He has even less money than I do and since he lost almost everything he will need a long time to recover financially.

Not much else happening here.



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