New laptop

My girlfriend’s 18 year old sister has lived with us almost since day one. She is a very good girl, smart and hard working. She does a very good job in the store and I never have to tell her to sweep and mop floors or do dishes. She sees what needs done and just does it. She is also very good looking.

She did cause me a big problem last week though. She is in college and will soon finish her freshman year.  I gave her a USB thumb drive to use as needed. I was just ready to go to bed about Tuesday night when she gave it to me and asked me to print a file for her. (We have two laptops here, one for the kids and one that only I use. Mine is the only one connected to a printer.)

As soon as I plugged the thumb drive in I got a message saying it  detected an error and immediately shut down my laptop. When I restarted it I got a message saying I had a critical fault.  It also said that the start icon and cortana do not work but will try to correct it when I log on again. ( I use Windows 10.)

It gave me two options. 1.)  Sign off    2.) shut down.

Since the windows start icon did not work I could not do a normal shut down so I held the power button down.

When I started up again the same thing happened again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I finally figured out that I could move the error message to the bottom of the screen and do most of what I wanted to do but it is not easy to use that way.  Since the cooling fan inside the laptop has not worked for almost a year anyway I decided that today was the day to buy a new laptop. It had also been running very slow.

The old one is an HP computer and there is a service center here that might fix it for me. I am not sure. I brought an HP printer here from the US that had not been used much when it stopped working. I took it to the repair center but they said they could not get parts for it since it was from the US.  Guess where my now defective laptop came from?

I have had several software problems since I got here and the ONLY answer anyone here knows is REFORMAT.  No debugging, nothing else. Just reformat.

They normally save most of the data before they do it but not always. The computer the kids use here came back from the shop with a counterfeit version of Windows 7.

It will take a while but I think I can save my pictures and other data before I hand the old laptop over to the reformatters.  lol I got an estimate from an independent repairman who fixed a software problem on my laptop to replace the cooling fan. As I recall it was about $30.  Considering a fan only costs about $5 and most Filipinos only earn about $9 per day, I thought that was way over priced.

It is hard to believe the hassle involved in adding all of my favorites onto a new computer. Everything from bank info, my 401K website, news sources, etc.

I download a lot of movies and TV shows using bit torrents and I had to find the sites I use to do that as well as download the program I  use to play the movies on my computer.  I had to download McAfee, anti-malware, AVG virus scanner, etc.

I also had to find wordpress again and reset my password because I did not remember it.

I have never backed up my computers before but after all this work I decided to buy an external hard drive and set it up to do backups.

That is about all for now.

Oh I just thought of something else. I normally type this in Word then copy and paste it here because I have fat-fingered it too many times here and it just disappears. This computer did not even come with a trial version of Office that I can use for free so I will use my disk tomorrow to load Office 2010.










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