More thoughts on the day trip

I just remembered a couple other things I wanted to mention about our trip on Easter Sunday.

  1. Road kill. We only saw two dead animals on our drive of 150 miles. One was a dog and the other was a snake. I attribute that to several factors. One is the traffic here can not go fast enough to hit most animals. There is just too much traffic here to go fast in most places. Another reason is that there are almost no wild animals to hit. I saw NO wild animals of any kind except one large soaring bird overhead. I think the wild animals were all eaten by hungry Filipinos long ago. I see  several species of birds here in the city, pigeons, dove, sparrows, some kind of humming bird, a couple different kinds of song birds, etc. but when traveling in the countryside there are no birds to be seen. After driving over 10,000 miles in the Philippines over 6 years I have seen less than 50 road killed animals and about 25 were dogs, maybe 22 were cats and the others were snakes or reptiles.  That is not counting the thousands of toads that get squashed here everyday.  The one and only street in our subdivision is 500′ long. I have seen at least 30 flattened toads on the pavement in the 3+ years I have been in this house. There are at least 2 different kinds of toads here as well as at least a few different kinds of frogs. Toads outnumber frogs at least 10:1. Our lot is about 35oo square feet and I would bet at least 10 toads live inside our walls. I see them hop in and out of our gate at least twice a month. I see toads hopping on the street at dusk on  a regular basis, especially if it is raining.
  2. Fuel prices. The prices have gone up slightly in the last 2-3 weeks but are still not bad for diesel. Here in CDO it is about $2.22 per gallon. Gasoline however is about $3.38. When you get away from the city diesel is about$2.35 per gallon but gasoline is only about $3 per gallon. I have no idea why.
  3. Don

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