Mail here

April 6, 2016 8:30 PM 88°F MI (misery index) 96°

Mail here
My debit card expired at the end of March and my bank will not send a new one to a foreign address. My only option was to have it sent to my sister and brother-in-law and ask them to forward to me. It was mailed from Ft. Wayne on March 2.
They will eventually bring mail to our door but since I needed my debit card to get any money from my bank in Ohio I asked Les to check at the post office here last week to see if it had arrived yet.
Of course she came back empty handed. I asked her to go again today. She got there about 3PM and talked to someone. She was told the man who delivers to our area would be back at 4PM if she wanted to wait and talk to him. At 4 he did show up and said the letter got there Friday April 1. I asked her why he did not deliver it. She said something that did not make sense so I let it go until I could look at the envelope.
As told by my brother-in-law it was post marked in Ft. Wayne on March 2. On the back were post marks from the Philippines. The earliest was March 10. No other info from that stamp but it was in purple ink just like the other Philippine post marks. One was dated March 16 that said it got to CDO on that date. In other words it sat in the post office here for exactly 3 weeks before they would give it to me even though Les had been to the post office last week asking for it.
Just one more reason I love the Philippines so much. Lol



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