April 8, 2016 6:10 AM 80°F and 70% humidity

Elections part 1
Elections happen here every 3 years and this is the year. They have a lot of rules and regulations here about elections and what you can do and cannot do.
From what I can tell Filipinos can carry guns about anytime they want except for about a 6 month period before elections. I have yet to figure out why they are not allowed then but this is a 3rd world country. During the period when guns are banned NO ONE is allowed to have a gun, even off duty cops or army personal. Every once in a while I read about a cop who was arrested for having a gun.
The reason I decided to write this post at this time is because I am sitting outside watching a movie but had to stop because a procession of people went by with portable PAs talking about one of the candidates and a couple of guys beating the daylights out of drums. Keep in mind this is 6:10 AM. I have no idea what time they started but if I were trying to sleep and they woke me up I would not be a happy camper. They are about ½ mile away now and I can STILL hear the noise from them.
If you think politics and elections are dirty business in the US you have not seen anything. It is against the law to buy votes but Les collected 1000 pesos (about $23) this week from one local candidate and will soon get more.
Candidates are not allowed to start campaigning until so many days before the election. They are only allowed to spend so much money per voter in their area and it is only a very small amount.
It is now 6:21 AM and an SUV with big speakers is blaring away for a different candidate.
They are all far enough away now so I can hear my movie so that is enough for now, I will post again when I think of more.



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