April 8, 2016 3:34 PM 92.3° F 57% humidity 102.9 MI

I am beginning to think it will never rain here again. I cannot even remember the last time it rained or even what month it was in.
Everyday gets just a little bit hotter and more miserable.
Sitting outside with two big fans on me I get a little more uncomfortable as the day goes on even though the temp does not go up. I have finally figured out that I am like a big fat turkey in an oven. It takes time but eventually the turkey gets hot all the way through.
I am of course under a roof that is about 14’ overhead with a shelf full of junk below that so I do not get much radiant heat from the sun but the sun is so intense that everything exposed to it dries out very quickly. I have to water my plants every 2-3 days or they suffer.
I am not talking a shallow watering, I am talking enough water to make it come out the bottom of the flower pots or water to stand in the small patch of corn I have.
I leave the dirt at least 1” below the lip of the flower pots and at the very least I fill the flower pots to overflowing with water.
The smallest pots I use are about 9” across and 9” deep. The biggest pots I use (for trees and lemon grass) are 18” across inside and 18” deep.
As long as I keep everything watered they grow very fast. If I forget to water they die very fast although one mahogany tree that I did not water enough just lost all it leaves. As soon as I started watering it, it leafed out and started growing again.
There is almost no grass here but what grass that is here is very dry and brown. People who have cows, horses or goats tie them out in the sun all day to graze then collect them at night to water them. The animals are having a very hard time getting enough grass to graze on. I cannot imagine being staked in the sun all day, every day but it is common practice here. Almost no one uses fences to keep livestock.


One thought on “Weather

  1. We have had water standing in some low spots for more than a week. Another inch of rain yesterday. Actually we had rain snow. sleet and rain yesterday. Twice we had snow with a lot of wind and it was like a short blizzard. Difficult to see far. I wish we could send some rain and cool weather your way. March had nicer weather.


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