Rain at last

Sunday April 10, 2016 4 PM 86 °F 73% humidity

We decided to for a Sunday drive today. While we were out exploring new territory it started to drizzle. Pretty soon it started raining so hard I had to turn the windshield wipers on the slowest setting of intermittent. Unfortunately that is as hard as it ever rained. We got home and the street/sidewalks were ALMOST wet.
It did rain enough for two motorcycles to fall over at different intersections as they were turning. They are not smart enough to know that just as the road gets damp is when the streets are most slippery. That is something I remember learning in drivers education.
I did not expect much rain but I was hoping it would rain enough to clean the air and lay the dust. At most I am guessing we got a few THOUSANDTHS of an inch of rain.
It has been so dry that the air pollution has been unbearable. Between the road dust, smog and smoke from people burning trash it has caused my eyes to water for the last couple of weeks.
That is something I do not understand here. In the city the garbage is picked up FOR FREE at least once per week. Why do people burn leaves, garbage and trash in the street when they can put it all in a pile for the garbage man to pick up?
On our 40 mile drive through the city and countryside today we saw at least 20 trash fires. I can understand the ones in the countryside where there is no garbage collection but not the ones in the city. Several of the homes in our subdivision burn leaves a few times per week. One of them is an American’s wife. I do not know why he lets her burn.
Part of our drive was in undeveloped areas near the city. They had recently built a concrete road for most of our trip but once again I do not understand this country. We went from maybe 10 miles of new-2 lane concrete roadway to unimproved rock and dirt road for about 100 feet, then back to concrete. Why did they skip that 100 feet? Were the contractors pissed at the homeowners there? Did they forget to pay taxes?
Anyway we went back to concrete for maybe 3 more miles then to 5 miles of completely unimproved very rocky, rutted, and what would be muddy road if it ever rained again. When I am talking unimproved I am talking 10-15 MPH road at best. After that 5 miles we were back to a new 2 lane concrete road.
I could tell that part of the road was a maybe 2-3 years old but already it was severely cracked and starting to fall off the side of the mountain. Why oh why they do not use rebar when they pour roadways here is beyond me. They also do not use enough cement in the concrete mix so the concrete is not very strong.



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