April 12, 2016 6PM 88° F 67% humidity 99° F misery index
The highest heat index that I noticed today was 104°

Black outs
We had not had a blackout for at least a month, maybe two month even though I had been expecting them because of the drought.
The electric power went out about 5:45 PM today. It was just starting to get dark at the time so I had enough time to fire up my generator without getting out a flashlight.
Within 15 minutes of the start of the blackout there were two different customers at our store buying candles. Every time the power goes out it is the same thing. The cheap ones that most people buy are only about 5 cents each.
It amazes me that people here do not plan ahead, even for something as simple as an unplanned blackout that is likely to happen at any time.
I understand not having a generator because a usable one costs as much as two or three month’s pay for most people here plus the cost of fuel but not having a 5 cent candle on hand? Really?
Most people only buy one or two at a time so that tells me they only USE one or two at a time. I hate being in the dark. I am not afraid of darkness but I would at least buy a candle in a refillable candle jar so it would put out more light. We have them for sale here and have never sold a single one.
The candle in a jar costs about $3.50 in our store and the candle costs about 50 cents to replace but will burn much longer and put out much more light than just a skinny taper candle.
Les said the skinny tapers that most people buy will only last about 10-15 minutes. I would say it is longer than that but considering she used a lot of them before she met me, she should know.



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