April 13, 2016 6 PM

Snake Invasion

There is an American who owns a house on the opposite end of our subdivision who has had several snakes in and around his lot. His wife claims there are a type of cobra. I do not know tropical snakes so I will not argue.
Tonight while moving empty pop cases to arrange them better, I saw a small snake. Since the cases of empty bottles are outside our lot (still inside the walled and gated subdivision) I did not worry about it.
A few minutes later I was moving empty cases out from under the shelf that is under our store window, I saw another small snake. I did not bother it, I wanted to scare Les with it.
I called her over and moved the pop case the snake was behind. She just about jumped out of her skin even though the snake was 10 feet from her. Lol
As I said, I do not know tropical snakes and did not want to take a chance so I killed that snake. Then Les said she had seen another one. We moved everything out and could not find it so I pulled the shelf out. It was between the wall and the back of the shelf. I killed that one as well.
I decided to be extra safe we went outside the wall and killed the first snake I had seen.
Three dead snakes. The biggest was only about 22 inches and about 3/8ths of an inch in diameter. The smallest was about 20 inches long.
Normally I would never bother a snake, I figure they do more good than harm but since this may have been venomous I did not want to take a chance.
I have small mice that I see most nights here. There are about 4 cats inside our lot that I cannot keep out but they are worthless. I still have mice.
I have put poison out similar to Dcon. I have put tracing powder out that I assume sticks to the feet of the mice and poisons them when they lick it off. I have put glue boards down and did catch several mice. But guess what? I STILL HAVE MICE!!!!
I would love to have let the snakes try their luck.
And so goes another day in paradise.



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