A day with 2 blackouts

April 16, 2016 4 PM 93.7° F 54% humidity 105°F MI

Lucky Us
Even though I knew it would mess up my sleep last night I took a nap yesterday afternoon when I got sleepy. I did not go to bed until 5 AM this morning. Now comes some of the lucky me.
At 6 AM I woke up because the power went off and the A/C in my bedroom that NEVER gets turned off died. Even though the sun was not shining brightly yet, I got hot because it was about 85° outside. With zero insulation in any house in the Philippines the houses get warm very quickly.
I tried to go back to sleep but could not even with my small battery powered fan sitting on the bed next to me.
I got up and started the generator. The power was off for 2 ½ hours.
One of the malls here is having a 3 day sale this weekend and Les said she wanted to buy clothes for the kids for school that starts in June. I said ok but only if we are there when they open at 10 AM. The malls get busy here on any afternoon, especially on Saturdays but during their sale days it is a madhouse.
She bought what she wanted and we got home about 1:30. My back was killing me so I drank one wine cooler and asked Les to give me a back rub. I fell asleep at about 2:20 while she was rubbing my feet.
At 3:30 the power went off AGAIN!!! We have had two blackouts in one day before but it is very rare. I am guessing this blackout will last another 2 ½ hours.
While I was sleeping but before the blackout started I heard fire engines go by the house with the sirens blaring. Les just told me the grass on the hill behind our subdivision is burning.
We walked in that area the other day. I wrote a blog about how dry it is and how hard it is for the cows that are tied up there to find enough to eat. Well now it will be even harder for the owners to feed the cows and goats.
On the way back from the mall I could not help but notice how parched EVERYTHING here is. California has nothing on us. Our drought has only lasted about 4-5 months but since our sunshine is so intense year round I am guessing it is just as dry here as anywhere in California except in the actual deserts.
A couple of the fire trucks have made runs back and forth to get more water. Where the fire is burning is completely undeveloped so there is no water there but even in the city proper I have only seen a handful of fire hydrants.
There was fire near the hospital just around the corner from us last fall and even in front of the hospital there is no hydrant.
I would say the Philippines in general is anywhere from 20-100 years behind the US. Even the small towns in American have had fire hydrants for at least 50 years.
CDO is a city of over one million people.



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