Weather           July 2, 2016
The weather has more or less returned to somewhat normal for here. It started raining almost every day sometime in May. That lasted about 2 weeks then more or less stopped for a week or so then started again.
Yesterday was the first heavy rain we have gotten since way before Christmas. We got 2.6”.
It rained again today and we got an additional 3.7”. And yes I did empty the rain gauge yesterday.
When we get heavy rain like that most of the streets flood. Les’ sister had school this afternoon and since it was still raining pretty hard I told her I would take her out so she could get a taxi.
There are 3 ways to get away from our subdivision and I had to try all 3 of them before I found a street that was not flooded too much for what I considered safe. I probably could have taken any of them but who wants to take a chance of flooding their engine if you do not need to?
In most places the streets are level enough that the current flowing was not a danger but it looked like the water was about knee deep on the bicycles and trucks I could see in front of me. The water got deeper the farther I went so I just turned around.
I could have taken her to school myself but I am experienced with the traffic here during high water and know it would have taken at least an hour to drive the 3 miles to her school or until it stopped raining.
The city is slightly hilly in some places and even on the 500’ long street of our subdivision there is about 4’ of fall from my end of the street to the low end so the water drops very fast as soon as the rain stops. The only time water has been near my house was in 2014 when the block wall between me and the street outside our subdivision broke so I am safe here. The low end of our street flooded both yesterday and today though.
That is about all for now.
I am excited about being home soon and hope to see most of you when I am there.


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