Food give away

Food Give Away September 4, 2016
Due to the fire at Les’s mom’s area there are a lot of homeless people there, most of whom lost everything.
Even though we basically live month to month on the money I get, I still felt sorry for them and decided to do what I could to help. My first thought was to cook rice and spaghetti and buy two roast pigs for them.
I still do not understand why but EVERYONE expects roast pig here when you have a feed. I think the demand is what causes pigs to cost so much in relation to most other food here. I was going to buy 2 big roast pigs at a cost of about $120 each but Les and I decided we could do more to help by giving uncooked food to each family instead.
We put together care packages consisting of 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of rice, 2 cans of assorted tuna, sardines, etc, a packet of laundry soap, 2 packets of coffee, 2 packets of Milo (like Nestle Quick) and 5 assorted chips or other junk food.
I had about 100 small sacks of rice ( we started with 100 kilo but measured the rice instead of weighing because of time) but only had enough of the other cans and junk food for 86 families.

The picture shows the line before we started handing  out food.  Most of the time the line was MUCH longer.  We tried to limit the give away to only the families who suffered a loss from the fire.  Les was the gate keeper and one of her sisters made a list of everyone who received food  but who knows if anyone got double or if others sneaked into the line.  At any rate the line when I ran out of food was longer than the line in the picture above.  I have a feeling that you could pass out 1000 kilos of rice instead of 100 kilos and you would STILL have a long line when you ran out of rice.

The total cost to me was about $250-$300.  I wish I could have done more but I am not Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.



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