I am sure everyone has heard the old saying about being as sick as a dog. Well I have been so sick for about 2 weeks now that if a dog was this sick he would have died already.
This started out as a bad cold that I had for about 6 days then I felt ok for a day or so. Les got sick about the same time I got well. She got what I think is the flu. After I felt ok for a day or two I got sick again this time with the flu. Up until last month the only medicine that I could find here that I was used to was Benadryl. It works ok for me for congestion or a runny nose but not for cough or pain.
Last month an S&R store opened here. I think it is an offshoot of Costco. They sell Nyquil. That has always worked very well for me in the past but is not as helpful as it used to be.
I am having aches and pains all over my body and severe coughing bouts. I have coughed so hard that my abs are sore now.
I spent about 40 hours out of the last 48 hours in bed sleeping or trying to sleep.
Les is starting to get better but now that kids are getting
Sick so she will take them to the doctor.

It has been a very bad month here for medical bills for
us. He mom got sick about 16 days ago and went to the
hospital. She was in for 7 days. She is diabetic, has high blood pressure and now she has an enlarged heart.
She has no money so I had to take a withdrawal from my 401K to pay the bills. It was $1100.
Such is life in paradise.



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