Nov 13, 2016
I just read a story in the newspaper about the NFA – National Farmers Agency. In the story they tell about buying rice from farmers and stock piling it to make sure there is never a shortage.
Normally that means a 15 day supply but from July until September they have a 30 day supply because very little rice is harvested at that time.
It also mentioned to me the most amazing part of the story. The normal consumption here is 32,000 metric TONS of rice per day. There is 2,200 pounds per metric ton. At that rate they eat 70,400,000 pounds of rice each and every day.
The population is about 101,000,000 now but of that about 10% work overseas so they are not here to eat. That leaves about 90,900,000 rice eating Filipinos here at any given time.
I know the vast majority of them eat rice 3 times per day, 7 days per week. Even knowing that I still cannot wrap my head about eating over 70 MILLION pounds of rice every day. That is just over three fourths of a pound of rice per person. I would stop eating if I had to eat that much of the same thing every day no matter how much I liked it. I love chocolate and I love ice cream but I could not eat ¾ of a pound of either one day in and day out.


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