The Store November 14, 2016
About three or four months ago the small Filipino fast food restaurant across the street from our store started buying rice from us. They started out only buying a few kilograms per week.
About two months ago they started buying a lot more rice each day. Les says they average somewhere between six and ten kilos (a kilo is 2.2 pounds so that is about 13 to 22 pounds) per day now.
We normally mark everything we sell up by 20% over whatever we pay for it but for some reason she is charging 45 pesos per kilo for that rice even though it only costs us 35.6 pesos.
I asked Les why they don’t go to the market and buy rice in a fifty kilo sack and pay the same price we pay. She said they do not have enough money. As a matter of fact they only buy 2 kilo from us at a time now because they have to sell meals to get enough money to buy more rice.
It sounds to me like they need to charge more for the meals they sell so they can earn enough to buy rice by the sack but I know we have had customers walk away because they say our Marlboro cigarettes cost one peso per stick too much. And that is even though they only want one cigarette.
Oh well that is what life can be like here if you do not have money.



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