According to one weather site I look at on line we get a lot of rain here. I am not sure exactly how accurate it is but it gives the average rain per month as follows:
Jan – 4.6”
Feb – 3.7”
Mar – 3.6”
Apr – 3.9”
May – 5.6”
Jun – 7.3”
Jul – 7.1”
Aug – 7.9”
Sep – 6.8”
Oct – 6.2”
Nov – 5.7”
Dec – 5.7”
That totals 68.1 inches but another website I look at says we only average about 53 inches per year.
According to that this is not really the most rainy season but when I ask Les she says it is now.
Anyway I know it has been raining almost every day lately and when it does rain we have a lot of thunder. We seldom get a loud crack of thunder here but instead we get the deep sounding rolling thunder.
We often hear thunder 100 times or more before, during and after a rain. Usually the rain is not even that severe.


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