Math and teens here

Filipino teens and math. Nov. 27, 2016
I spend way too much time reading news, current events, gossip, trivia etc on the internet. I clicked on this:
As you can see it opens with a math problem.

Two teenage girls live with Les and I. One is her 19 year old sister who is a sophomore studying to be a MATH TEACHER!!!! The other is 16 year old cousin and what in the US would be a junior in high school. The third girl is 19 but only visits on the weekends. She is a sophomore in a college about 2 hours from here and studies agriculture.

I solved this problem in my head in about 10 seconds and decided to test the girls. NOT ONE of them could solve it. They all assumed you subtract 3 from nine to start. How can a sophomore in college who is studying to be a math teacher not know the basic rules for solving simple equations?

It totally boggles my mind.

I have a request. If you have grandkids (or great grandkids) of the right age, find out if they know how to solve this math problem. Please let me know.



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