Gall stones

I used to think I had a high threshold of pain but now I think I am just a big baby. If anyone else whined as much as I have in the last 48 hours I would smack them up side the head.

About four year ago I had a gall stone attack. I was in the hospital for about a week but they did NOTHING for me. The pain meds they gave me were useless. I had another minor attack a couple years ago but did not go to the doctor.
Forty eight hours ago I got EXTREME chills. We used two hot water bottles to get me warm. I have learned that when I get cold like that no amount of blankets or towels piled on me will warm me up. I need an external source of heat.
At first I thought I just had the flu. I was achy and my stomach hurt as well as the chills. It only took Les about 10 minutes to remind me that it might be a gallstone attack.

You can google gall stones if you want but they usually are not life threating unless the attack is long term. Some people have one attack and never have another. The only real treatment is to remove the gall bladder. I do not really want to do that here but I cannot afford to do it in the USA. Even in the USA about 100,000 people die from mistakes and infections they got from the hospital. I have seen cats walking in the corridors in a hospital here so I do not think they are very sanitary.

I am not in extreme pain but I am damn uncomfortable. My back hurts about 95% of the time, my knees hurt about 80% of the time (it feels like arthritis but they did not hurt until two days ago,) my stomach hurts about 50% of the time and my head hurts about 30% of the time. Something hurts ALL THE TIME.
If I still feel this bad on Saturday I will go to a doctor after New Year’s and schedule surgery. This is just no fun at all.


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