Your tax dollars at work

There are lots of government programs that I do not agree with. I just read a story about Canada declaring that high speed internet is a NECESSITY. Canada defines high speed as 50 megabits per second and upload speeds of 10 mbps. The US defines it as half that fast.
I think they all need to go back to grade school and learn how to use a dictionary. To me a necessity is something that is needed or you will die. I will admit I love having the internet. I actually have almost 50 mbps download and upload speed now and it is GREAT. But a necessity?
Canada wants to make high speed internet available to 100% of their population. The US has a similar goal but in 2015, the Obama administration estimated that improving broadband access amounts to about $10 billion in spending per year.
On top of that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, offers low-income families high-speed internet, a router, free digital literacy training, and the option to purchase a computer for $150.
So dead beats get free internet, free router, and a computer for only $150.
No wonder our national budget is almost $20 TRILLION and growing exponentially.


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