Obama care

I just saw a video of Bill Clinton giving a speech he gave during the campaign saying obama care was the craziest thing ever. There is a link to the video in this story: https://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2017/01/06/Most-Americans-Don-t-Want-Repeal-Obamacare-Here-s-What-They-Want-Instead

I personally think it was just a way to take money from the people willing to work and give it to anyone who does not want to work but hey, what do I know. I think the old system was OK except that any insurance policy excluded pre-existing conditions. I fell sorry for anyone with a serious condition that tried to find insurance then but SOMEONE has to pay the cost.

I know one of my brothers was forced onto ACA when he lost his job and it cost him a fortune. I am curious. How do each of you feel about ACA?

I know free medical care like Canada and a lot of other countries have is nice but so is free college tuition, a monthly check for everyone in the country like some are talking about, bike lanes, and a million other things that some people want but again, someone has to pay.

No one ever offered to pay for the things I like to do like whitewater rafting, snow skiing, fishing, hunting, backpacking, etc. Why should I have to pay for what YOU want?

For anyone who is completely disabled and totally unable to work I think the government, the church and charities should step up and help them but when you get right down to it, how many people can not work at all? They might not like a desk job or being a CPA or whatever but most are physically and mentally able to work if they have to.

I know a lot of Americans here who are “disabled” getting disability from the US government or military and only one is really disabled ( he lost a leg above the knee to bone cancer.) He was in Vietnam but never close to the jungle but he gets a payment because he says he could have been exposed to agent orange. Even he admits it is not true. He is 75 so he gets SS as well. He get a check for 100% disability and gets about $6000 per month total.

Another guy in the subdivision spent 24 years in the air force then went to work for a contractor in Iraq. He hurt his back there lifting something. He gets 100% disability from the air force plus the company he was working for plus SS plus his AF pension. He gets over $5500 per month.

I talked to a retired green beret in the mall this week. He then went on to be a U.S marshal and retired from that as well. He did not say why he is disabled but he did say he is living on $7500 per month.

I think if you are on SS you should not get both that money plus disability from the government. If you are retired you do not need to work.

Oh I forgot, anyone who is gets disability from the US government also gets money to pay for kids college and a lot of other expenses here.

Well I think I have bored you enough with my soapbox oration.



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