Cold weather
I have been on a more regular sleep schedule for the last week because we have started remodeling the house we bought for my mother-in-law. I get up at 6 AM. That is rough for me since I worked 3rd shift for about 18 years and got out of the habit of a normal sleep cycle. I normally go to bed when I am sleepy and get up when I wake up. That might be 8 PM- 3AM or it might be 6AM –noon.
I woke up today with my 6AM alarm and came outside to a very brisk morning. Our store is outside in the open with the house basically on one side and a concrete wall on the other side of it but there is a roof over the entire thing. It is always warmer under the roof than it is out in the street, partly from having 7 compressors running to keep food and beverages cold. According to my little weather station on my small table it is 75 degrees. That is very very cool for here so I turned on the TV to see what the local weather station says.
The weather channel here says it is 68 degrees!!!!!! I think that is possibly the coldest temp I have seen since I have been here. I am sure the Filipinos will be shivering and bundled up this morning. There will be so many stocking caps being worn I think the sheep will all be naked. Lol Seriously, a higher percentage of Filipinos wear stocking caps, even when it is up to about 85 degrees than you will see in Ohio on a zero degree day.
Joan is Les’ sister and lives with us. She is 19 and helps clean and works in the store when she is not in school. She was washing the rice she was getting ready to cook when I woke up and she has more clothes on than I have ever seen on her at one time. (She is very modest so do not take that wrong.) She had 3 or 4 layers of clothes on. Long pants, sweater, etc.
This is one of the few mornings I have not turned on my fan before I sat down at my table here. Summer is all too close with dawn temps in the 82 degree range and noon temps of nearly 100. Of course the humidity is always high here. I do hate summer weather here.



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