It was very cool here (for the part of the Philippines I live in) for several days.  One day I think the high was only 79 degrees and I only used a fan for a short time.  Most of the reason it has been cool is because it was completely overcast all day and raining most of the time.  Those were the good old days.

I am sure you have all heard about 3 Dog Night and how they supposedly got their name (on a cold night it takes 3 dogs laying with you to keep you warm.)  Today was a 2 fan day.  Lol   It got to about 89 degrees and I had to use both of my big fans.

It is 3:15 PM now and has cooled off a lot.  It is only about 85 degrees now. Those 4 degrees makes a big difference to me on how comfortable I am. At 89 the air from the fans does not really feel good or cool but at 85 it is noticeably cool.



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