Schools here

I have already posted about class size and school conditions in the public school systems here but now  I will tell you about one of the better ???? PRIVATE schools here.

Les’s daughter will be 9 years old in May.  She has never attended a public school. I try to do my best to send her to what I hope is the best schools here.

Since she spends most of her free time just playing and posting videos on Youtube I thought I would see if she can help in the store by waiting on customers with supervision.  I soon found out she does not know how to count money so I have been trying to teach her how to do that.

Today I pretended I am a customer and said this item costs 17 pesos and handed her a 50 peso bill to pay for it.  She started counting on her fingers so I said “what is 50 minus 17.”  She did not know so I got pen and paper and wrote the simple math problem down so she could do it on paper.  She had NO IDEA how do subtract.   She will graduate 3rd grade in two weeks and they have not taught her how to subtract 17 from 50 even using pen and paper.

She has also had a tutor for many months altogether but not all at once.

The tutor who is working with her now will try to teach her basic math as soon as school is out for the year. Right now they are taking final exams so she is working with her on that.




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