Eating out

Eating out

We were running errands today and decided to eat at one of the many restaurants in the newest mall here.  I do not remember the name of it because it was some Filipino type restaurant with a Filipino name to match.

I like to eat out once in a while for a change of pace. Les will cook anything I ask her to but I am not very good at thinking of new foods to cook.

It was a casual dining type like Cracker Barrel and had a pretty big menu.  I saw that they had a chef’s salad and since the one other restaurant we go to stopped having a chef’s salad I decided to order that. I like salads and since I seldom eat enough fruits or veggies I thought that would be good for me.  I also ordered a side of onion rings and a side of calamari.

Both the onion rings and calamari were breaded with the same thing as was the Chinese kang kong. Kang kong is a small leafy veggie.  As expected they all tasted pretty much the same since they were probably all deep fried in the same fryer at the same time but they were good. Les also ordered some kind of cooked pork.  I tasted it and it was pretty good as well.  There was probably well over one pound of meat there.

The total cost of the meal for 3 of us (her 9 year old daughter was with us) was about $22 dollars. I certainly cannot afford that all the time but as I said, once in a while is nice.

The salad was ok and might have been good for me if I would have kept in inside me long enough.  After we left the restaurant we went to the supermarket that is in the same mall.  We were there maybe 30-40 minutes and as we were leaving I felt the first urge to find a restroom.

I made it home ok but did not stray more than about 10 feet from the bathroom for the next 2 hours or so.

The wife of one of the other Americans who lives in the subdivision came to our store a few months ago pretty upset saying her husband had diarrhea like it was the first time he ever had it. Since I average getting it at least twice a month I did not think it was a big deal.

I am cheap and refill the 1 liter bottles of water that we buy with filtered water we get in the 5 gallon jugs for the water dispensers.  I have finally figured out that has been a big part of my problem.  I refill them and drink half of the water then put it in the freezer then fill again so I have cold water at my chair for a few hours.  Too many times I forget it and it gets warm but I refill and refreeze anyway.

Les got in the habit of smelling the water left in the bottles before refilling and noticed that they often smell bad.  Since then I have been much more careful about how long they sit out and how many times I refill before I throw the bottle away.  I have been getting diarrhea much less often since then.

The cheapest bottled water here is about 30 cents per liter (that is what we buy) but a 5 gallon jug of filtered water only costs 20 cents. That means I can refill my 1 liter water bottles about 19 times for 20 cents.

I have noticed that most of the supermarkets here sell Perrier bottled water.  I looked at it today.  A 750 ml (1 ½ pint) bottle costs $2. Even if I were rich I would not pay $2 for a bottle of water. I drink an average of 3 quarts of water per day. That would be 4 of those overpriced bottles.



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