There are not many bananas grown near me but I read an article in the newspaper last week that talked about agricultural products grown in the Philippines. It said the Philippines produced 2.3 million metric tons of bananas last year and most of them were near Davao.  Davao is a large city on the eastern side of Mindanao.  I am on the west coast of Mindanao.

I was killing time watching youtube videos and came across this video of bananas being grown and harvested in Israel.  I thought it was interesting.


The article I read also said that about 800,000 tons of pineapples are grown here.  I would have guessed much more than that because of the number of acres of pineapples I have driven through here but I do not it takes a lot longer to grow a pineapple than it takes to grow bananas.

If you are interested in how they grow pineapples and I will find a youtube video for you to watch or I can tell you what I have seen here.




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