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I took this quiz that is supposed to test your science knowledge compared to 4th graders.  Can You Pass 4th Grade Science?

I thought it was too easy and I got 96%.  I had my 19 year old sister-in-law who will finish her 3rd year of college in 2 weeks take it as well.  She scored 42%.  I have not studied science in any way since I left high school in 1973. I admit I have always liked science and did very well at it in school.  I also read a lot of stories on line about science.

It still seems to me that a 3rd year college student should be able to do at least fairly well on an easy test like that.

I have a request.  Please take the test and let me know if you pass or not.  You do not have to tell me what percent you scored but I am interested in how many of you pass.  Thank you in advance.





One thought on “Education

  1. I took the test and scored 90% without any guessing. There were at least 2 questions, where I would have guessed the correct answers if this were something that was going to be graded.

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