Milk Here

Here is a story I just read on the BBC news site.

I can remember studying about UHT when I was in school.  I do not remember if it was junior or senior high and I did not remember the exact times or temps they use but I do remember UHT milk being heated to a higher temp for a shorter time.

There is one regular supermarket that is based out of England that sells fresh milk and now S&R, the membership store, sells fresh milk as well but it is VERY expensive because it is all imported. Of course since it has a short shelf life it has to be flown here and milk is very heavy. The UHT milk comes here by ship of course so it is much cheaper.  It costs about  $1.60 per QUART.

I read a story in the paper a few weeks ago about the dairy industry here.  It said something like 98% of the milk, cheese, butter, etc. is imported.

When I moved here in 2009 there was no fresh milk for sale so I tried the UHT milk.  It has a different taste but only took me a couple of quarts to get used to.  For a long time I was drinking well over one quart of whole milk every day.  When I had my gall stone attack the doctor told me one of the factors might be too much fat in my diet so I went to low fat milk.  Since then I have almost completely stopped drinking milk at all.  I still use it on cereal but that is only about a quart per week.



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