We are at a swimming resort outside Cebu now.  I do not swim much but they have free wi-fi.  I had to pay P50 ( $1) to use the electric and P100 to rent a big electric fan though.

Les ordered food for everyone but me so I asked to see the menu.  It was 12:35 PM when I placed my order but they said they will not start it until 1 PM because of shift change.  What person in their right mind sets up a shift change for a cook, kitchen or whatever so they cannot cook lunch during lunch time?  ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES.

We already had a tablet for the kids to use but I decided to buy one the day before this trip for ME to use.  I got a Samsung Tab A.  It has an 8” screen. By the time I bought a SIM card (for cell phone use or data,) a case, tempered glass to protect the screen, a 64 gig SD card, and a ring to put on the back to make it easier to hold onto I spent about $367.  That is MUCH more than I intended to spend but I did not count on all the accessories I had to buy.

The main reason I wanted it was so I could use the maps and GPS functions while we travel.  I assumed I would need the cell signal provided by the SIM card to use them but pleasantly found out they work just fine with no signal. I downloaded the APP Waze and it works fine as well but will not give traffic updates.

I NEED the fan because the heat is unbearable here.  I am in what they call a cottage.  It has a table surrounded by bench seats and completely covered by roof but I just checked the weather on line.  In CDO it is 91 degrees (feels like 96.) Here on Cebu Island the same weather site says it feels like 100 degrees.  If it were not for the fan I would be very grumpy because I HATE being hot.  As it is I am sitting about 2 feet from a 2’ high velocity fan.  I am far from comfortable but at least I can stand it.

The cottage makes little sense to me.  It is too wide to be able to sit on the benches and reach the table.  The benches are too high from the ground to be able to put your feet on the ground when you sit.  I am about 5’ 9” tall but most Filipinos are about 5’6” and Filipinas are about 5’ tall.  Why build a bench so high?  It makes sitting very uncomfortable if you cannot put your feet flat on the floor.

I had to take a break for a while, my food got here at 1:35.  I had a marlin steak with French fries.  The marlin was ok but they only gave me about the same amount of fries as you get from McDonalds in a kids size order.  I also got a can of pineapple juice.  The total cost was $3.

The resort has about 5 or 6 different pools of varying depths so it is a very nice place to bring a family.  It has 2 very big slides and 3 smaller ones.  I will attach a few pics for you.

About the time my lunch got here someone started caterwauling on the karaoke and it is driving me nuts.  As anywhere in the world only about 10% of the people can actually sing. Unfortunately about 99% of Filipinos THINK they can sing and do so at full volume on every karaoke machine they can find.

If they are locked inside a soundproof room or at least 5 miles from me I do not care how badly they sing or how loud they have it but for some reason that is not normally the case.


One thought on “Cebu

  1. Is anybody minding the store? I hope the rest of your group is having a better time than you are. I hate to spend good money to be miserable.


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