Island paradise

Trip to Camiguin Island

Camiguin is the island I think of when anyone talks about tropical island life.  It is a fairly small island (about 42 miles all the way around it on the highway) and very laid back.  Most of the traffic is pretty slow.  I followed a motorela (motorcycle with a side car) tonight that was only going 12 miles per hour.

This is about my 6th or 7th trip to Camiguin and I cannot believe how much it has changed in just the last 2 years since our last trip here. New roads, part of the main highway around the island has been widened to 4 lanes, new resorts, lots of new restaurants, etc.

We came to Camiguin Island on Tuesday to have a vacation and also to look for land to build a house to live in.  I would much prefer to live high in the mountains on Mindanao BUT there are too many bad muslims and communists rebels when you get outside the major city on Mindanao.  The higher you go the cooler it gets.  At one point on the main highway between CDO and Davao you are about 4300 feet above sea level and it is about 13 degrees colder than sea level.

I decided if I do buy property on Camiguin I either want beach front property or I want as high in the mountains as I can get.  I looked at one place in the mountains today that was a fantastic location about 2500 feet up.  It was over 2 acres.  It is on a road so new it is not finished yet.  The road stops not far above the property not far up the mountain so there is NO traffic and it is a very quiet place.

The property does have several draw backs though.  There is a nearly new electric line run along the road but several of the metal poles are bent or broken and laying on the ground.  I am guessing it would be hard to talk the power company into repairing the line since apparently we would be the only customers for the final 3 miles or so of the line.

Les had no signal on her cell phone and I only had an intermittent signal on mine. I am guessing that any kind of internet connection would be out of the question.

It was also on the STEEPEST road you have ever seen.  I was in first or second gear for almost the entire 5 miles we drove off the main highway.  At one point I did not think my truck had enough power to get me up even in 1st gear.  I mean to tell you it is STEEP.  When I tried to turn around I was very afraid I would roll down the mountain before I could get it back into gear.  I ended up parking at an almost 90 degree angle on the roadway so the truck would be somewhat level.  I am sure my parking brake would not hold on that steep of a grade. I found out today that it is the steepest road on Camiguin and that is saying something.

Another property we looked at was a vacant lot in a residential area. It is about 1/5 of an acre but is near sea level but about 1 mile inland so you have the heat without the sea breeze.  I do not want that.

The last place we saw was an ocean front property with a wood house on it.  The house is very small (2 bedroom, 1 bath) and not in the best of repair.  The lot is about eight tenths of an acre and is very well set up to build a new house right beside the old house. The old house is entirely of wood so I do not know how long it will last.  The termites here are very hungry.

It is a pretty deep lot so the house would be set back off the road and away from traffic noise.

I really like the ocean front property and will make an offer on it.  Right now he is asking $66,000 for it.

If I end up buying it I am not sure what I will do with the old house.  I might keep it for a rental or as a guest house for visitors but right now it is not set up for A/C. I saw a thermometer on the wall inside the house and it said 96 degrees at about 2 PM.  It was not unbearable but it was hot.  Outside was cooler with a gentle breeze.

There are a few coconut trees as well as a few other big trees on the lot.

The beach is not a nice sand beach.  It is not bad but not great. It consists of what I would call river rocks.  Anything from walnut size to volleyball size rounded very smooth rocks. I saw no litter or debris of any kind anywhere on the beach or the lot.

I am being very careful about buying it because the guy is trying to push me into a quick sale even though he has not lived there for at least 5 years and it has been for sale for many months.  He claims he has several other very interested buyers.

I will have a lawyer look at all the paperwork to make sure the deal is legit.



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