Another Camiguin Trip

Another Camiguin trip

The last trip we left home at 4:28 AM for the 54 mile drive to where we get on the roll on, roll off ferry. Traffic was not bad but still surprisingly heavy for that time of the morning.  It took about two hours to get to the ferry.  We were one of the last ones on because it was full so I decided to leave at 4:15 AM this morning.

I use my cell phone as my alarm clock here (who needs an alarm clock when you are retired) but either it did not go off or I slept through it so we ended up leaving at the exact time as we did last week.

Traffic was not as heavy today so we made the trip in about 15 minutes less time but it was not soon enough because the ferry we wanted has a line waiting for it so it is already full.  They sent us to a line for the ferry after that one and it looks like enough vehicles to fill the second ferry already.

Our next trip to Camiguin will begin with a 4 AM departure from home.

I am sitting in my truck as I type this.  On my left is a small church but I do not think they are very proud of their religion because there is NO sign at all saying the name or what type of church it is.  There are crosses in the window grills though.

Right next to ( I do mean RIGHT NEXT TO as in touching) the church is a cock farm and the roosters are very vocal.  On the other side of the street is at least one more cock but I cannot see it or them because there is a block wall on that side of the street.

I have no idea why but I have had to pull ahead 3 different times in the last 15 minutes or so.  Now I am next to a typical sari-sari store.  The sales window is about 3 feet tall but only about 5 feet wide and from what I can see the store is only about 4 feet deep. I am sure they only have one apartment size refrigerator to keep all of their beer and pop cold.  After the first ones of the day are sold everyone else has to settle for slightly cool beverages.

Les has been out walking around and talked to some of the people here.  She heard there are normally seven ferries here but three are being repaired now.  That explains a lot.  I have seen two signs for CRs.  That means Comfort Room or restroom.  One guy is walking back and forth trying to sell bottled water.

Those things tell me this has been going on for a while.  I think we were lucky on our trip last week.

It is only 7:30 now but it is getting hot.  There is no air moving because I am on this very narrow street.  If there was nothing on either side of it blocking traffic two cars could squeeze by each other but it would be tight.  As it is there are sacks of garbage, plants, etc on the side of the street so it is strictly a one lane street.

8 AM now and it is hot and I am hungry.  I ran the truck A/C for about 10 minutes but it is getting hot inside again now.  I sent Les for a couple boiled eggs and an apple for me.  You can buy almost anything at piers and bus terminals here.

Les bought a 4” rechargeable fan from Ace hardware last month.  I thought she was crazy and wasting my money but she packed it on this trip and I am glad she did.  It does not move much air and I do not know how long the battery will last but I am glad we have it now.

I am guessing it is only about 85 degrees so far but you have to remember the humidity here is always high because of the ocean.  There is no way I would be in the Philippines without A/C.  I am hoping we get enough ocean breeze at the house I am trying to buy that we can live without A/C most of the time though.

I have moved ahead several more times and now I am only one car from getting onto the main street and into the main line.  Yippee.  Lol

Boiled eggs go down very well when you are hungry. I have always liked them but seldom think about eating them.  I normally have two scrambled eggs for breakfast so I guess that is probably enough per day anyway.

9:30 AM and sitting in sight of one of the ferries.  Les talked to one of the guys who works here and he said it is full of vehicles but waiting for more walk on people.  He said we should be able to get on another ferry at 10:45.  He said the one I am looking at would leave at 9 AM though so I am not sure how much to believe.

I have been trying to save money on diesel and not have the engine running while we wait but I just now gave up.  It is just too hot with no breeze. I may leave the engine run until we get on the ferry.

Since I have had plenty of time to think while waiting here I decided the easiest way for anyone to visit me (hint, hint) would be to fly to Manila or Cebu then to Butuan on Mindanao and I would pick you up there. It is not hard to get around in the Philippines on buses and ferries once you get used to it but for a first time visitor it can be intimidating getting from the airport to the right bus terminal and finding the right bus, then getting off the bus at the right place and making sure you are on the right ferry.

9:37 and that ferry finally left.

9:57 and I am in the port area waiting for everyone in front of me to back onto the ferry.  Most Filipinos do not back often so they do not back well. Lol

It looks like our ferry might leave sometime after 10:30. They do not tie any of the vehicles down, only put chocks around the tires.

10:18.  Well this sucks.  One ferry sitting at the dock just left.  I guess that means I have to wait for the next one.

At least by sitting right on the dock with the ocean only about 50-60 feet from me there is a very nice breeze.  I am having trouble keeping my driver’s door open to let the air in it is blowing so strong.

There are many many things about Filipinos I do not understand.  There is a Kia Bongo truck sitting next to me with his engine running.  A bongo is not a big truck, it is about the size of a pick-up truck. I would not think a thing about his engine running except he has his window down.

I have used almost ¼ tank just driving 54 miles and idling to stay cool.  He must like to waste money.

I am sitting in the passenger seat now because the sun is starting to shine in my side.  The wind must be blowing 15 mph but the sun is out full and it is still HOT.  I will have to give up and run my engine soon.

A 20’ box truck just pulled up on my left. It has about 3’ of chips and other junk food stacked on top of the box.  At least by it being light weight it will not make the truck top heavy.

Another ferry just pulled in.  Maybe I can leave soon.  Hope hope.

Normally the ferries have people and vehicles but this one came in empty so I do not know what that means.

I am hot and tired of sitting so I will take a walk around the dock. 15 minutes later.  A fuel truck pulled onto the ferry is refueling it.  I have no idea if that ferry is for me or where it is going. So far no one else has gone on it.  Not that I would want to be on a ferry when it is being refueled.

11 AM I had to give up and start my truck, it is just too darn hot for me. I am guessing 95 in the shade but here is no shade for me except inside my truck ( with the A/C on HIGH.)

We got to Camiguin at about 1:10 PM.  Considering we got here about 9 AM last week it was a pain waiting.

The trip here last week was a real wake up call to me on why I came to the Philippines to start with.  Camiguin is quiet, almost no traffic and very laid back.  CDO is noisy, dirty, polluted, and so traffic congested you cannot get anywhere.  I do not know why the traffic got so bad in CDO in the last 2 or 3 weeks but it is absolutely terrible now.

More later.



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