Camiguin Island

I have made several trips to Camiguin Island in the last 2 months and bought a lot there.  It is 3075 square meters which is .7598 acres. The lot is roughly square with the highway on one side and the ocean on the other side.  I have about 150 feet of beach property.  Unfortunately it is not a nice beach.  It has smooth river rock type rocks of various sizes.  The rocks that are under water have sharp barnacles or broken shells and coral or something on them.  They are sharp and cut both me and Les when we tried to swim there.  A pair of water shoes would help but we were barefoot at the time.  She got cuts on her feet. I tried going on all fours and got many cuts on my hands.  These were small like paper cuts but they were still painful.

There is a nice swimming beach about a mile away and a very nice swimming pool less than a mile away in the other direction.  Either one costs P25 (50 cents at current exchange rates) to use. I really like the ocean myself because it is warm and the sea water is so much more buoyant. Most Filipinos like a pool better because they can swim in the ocean anytime.

Camiguin is a small (about 92 square miles, Van Wert county is 410 square miles) and has about 90,000 people. Van Wert has about 29,000 people. Most of the people live on the highway that goes all the way around the island. When I say highway that means a two lane road similar to what US 30 was 50 years ago in Van Wert county.  They are in the very slow process of making it 4 lane though.  I expect it to be completed sometime about 2030.

My lot (actually two adjoining lots the guy bought at different times) has a 15 year old wood house on one side leaving a big area for me to build a new house from concrete and steel so the ants do not eat it.

The wood house has noticeable ant damage and I see lots of ants on it.

I paid $66,000 for the house and wood house.  I was hoping I could build a house for me for an additional $50,000 or so but as I am talking to the carpenter it looks like it will cost me about $120,000.  That will completely drain my 401K but I still have money from my house and farm sales to live on.

I am hoping to build a two story 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms.  Believe it or not 2 of the bedrooms will be for me.  The one we will use for now will be the only room on the second floor with a big bathroom, walk in closet (very rare in the Philippines) and a den where I can watch TV or use my laptop when I can not sleep when Les is sleeping.

One of the first floor bedrooms will be set up just like the one upstairs for when I can no longer use the stairs. That will also be the guest room until I move into it. After that the upstairs will be the guest room.

My house will have no steps or anything to impede a wheel chair. I want to be able to wheel right into the shower area.  Big doors and wide hallways.

Our store here in CDO helps our budget because it costs me $4 each time I use the ATM to get money from my American bank.  By having the store I use my debit card to buy most of our supplies from the supermarket that we sell.  I then use that money to pay our bills. Only the major stores here accept debit or credit cards.

I am really looking forward to living on Camiguin Island. It is very quiet and peaceful.  We are on what I would call the back side of the island away from the tourist areas so there are not very many people and almost no traffic.

If I were building a house in CDO I would NEED a concrete wall around my lot for safety and security.  That would cost at least $20,000.  On Camiguin I see a few walls but I do not feel like it is really required. To be any real use I feel a wall needs to be at least 12′ high.  I think a wall needs to be concrete with rebar.

I want my new house to be 100% maintenance free so I will put ceramic floor tile on the outside walls and the best metal roof that I can find. I thought about putting floor tile on the roof but decided that was too much weight and too much money.

I was hoping not to use any wood at all but have not figured out how to build closet shelves without wood. The doors will be steel with concrete frames. I had never seen or even heard of concrete door frames but the carpenters are forming the door frames of my in-laws house from concrete and they seem to work well.

If you want to visit I hope to be living in my new house by about Feb.  2019.




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