I started walking for exercise AGAIN about 2 weeks ago. The walks have been very short, less than a mile per day but I have to start somewhere. It has been pretty good because it has rained almost every day or night to clean the air of pollution. I try to do it early morning before it gets hot, usually before 7 AM.
I did not make it yesterday because I was tired so I started out this morning with hopes of making up for my lost day but only made it about 20 yards before I decided it was a bad day for me to walk. It was 6:15 AM and still cool but there is a LOT of smoke in the air and I seem to get bronchitis or something if I walk when the air pollution is bad. So my short walk turned into an EXTREMEMLY short walk. It lasted about 30 seconds.
I cannot understand why so many people here burn weeds, trash or anything else because we get free garbage pickup once a week. Some people here do use wood to cook on because they think it is cheaper than propane but I did some math and think propane is actually cheaper in the long run. You do need at least a cheap cook stove ($12 will buy a one burner) and they charge a lot for you to “buy” the empty tank but the propane itself figures out cheaper than wood if you have to buy the wood.
Since propane is much cheaper now than it was 2 years ago I just bought a 48.5 pound tank of gas because I think it will go back up sometime in the future. I had to pay $56 for the empty tank plus $26 for the gas but that will last us at least 2 months or maybe 3 months of cooking.
I now have four 11 kilogram tanks (24.25 pounds) plus two 22 kilo tanks (48.5 pounds each.) I would really like the 50 kilo tanks they have here but there are two reasons I do not have them. 1) They are HEAVY when they are full. The empty 11 kilo tanks weigh about 12 kilo (26.5 pounds) and the empty 22 kilo tanks weigh about 22 kilo (48.5 pounds) each. When you add in the propane you are looking at about 50 pounds for my little tanks and 97 pounds for the bigger tanks that I have. I did not look but I am guessing the 50 kilo tanks weigh about 80 pounds empty. Add in 110 pounds of propane and it is too heavy for this old man. I do have a hand truck and could use it to wheel the full tank where I need it but I still have to lift the empty back into the truck. The seller always puts the full one in my truck so that is not a problem though.
When I lived in Ohio I had four 100 pound propane tanks and the heaviest one weighed 97 pounds empty and I could handle it then with no problem but that was almost 10 years and a lifetime ago.
2) The second reason I do not have big tanks here is because I am afraid of a leak. Not of an explosion but of losing all that expensive fuel. If a small tank leaks I lose no more than 22 kilo of propane. If I have a big one I could lose 50 kilo.
Not much happening here yet on the house on Camiguin. I was having too much hassle transferring the money to the German I bought it from so he is on his way here to collect the money in person next week. After that Les will have to do some traveling to transfer the property to her name. She has to start on Camiguin then come back to Kinoguitan on Mindanao where the office is that handles it for Camiguin.
She needs a TIN (tax identification number) then transfer the deed. I am not sure how they do it because she says she needs to transfer the deed first even though the TIN is part of the requirements for the transfer. I will let her worry about how she does all of it.
I am pretty sure we will be started on the house by about August 22nd. I am getting very anxious because I was hoping it would start by July 1st. Oh well.



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