Fast walking

I walked yesterday at 5:30 AM and again today at about 5:20 AM.  I tried very hard both days to walk fast to get into better shape and work my heart/lungs more.  I only walk about .6 miles and it takes about 11 minutes so I am not walking nearly as fast as I used to but I am still out of breath when I get back.

I think I will have to slow down again or give up my walking for exercise completely because I notice my left hip is starting to bother me again.  I have never enjoyed walking to doing anything else just to exercise but I do know it is required to stay in at least good enough condition to be able to walk so I can go grocery shopping etc.

I may try swimming when I move to Camiguin next month since it will not affect my knees or hips like walking does.  Since my lot is right on the ocean I will have a great place to swim once I put gravel on top of the barnacles or broken shells or whatever cuts my feet and hands when I try to use my beach.  If the gravel does not help or if the current washes the gravel away I might walk or drive the 3/4 of a mile to a very nice swimming pool.  It is a public pool and will be pretty expensive to use everyday (50 cents per day  lol) but it might be worth it.  We will see.

I have been surfing on Amazon again and found a few more reasons I have NEVER had anything shipped here.

The shipping fees are bad enough but when the import fees are almost double the price of the object it is not feasible.




One thought on “Fast walking

  1. As far as knees and hips are concerned, welcome to getting older. I have problems with both hips and both knees and my right shoulder. I am putting off replacement as long as I can put up with it. I see people every day that are younger and are in far worse shape.

    Personally, I purchase parts often on ebay, and usually get free shipping. I have ordered a few things from China, etc. usually something for a dollar or two just to see how it works. I had one small item which never showed up. How can they offer free shipping and start an auction for one cent?? Usually, things show up in about two weeks. Amazing!

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