Life here

Life here
Since my last post (20 minutes ago) I have been sitting in my room reading news and playing solitaire. It is 5:15 AM by the way. The sun is starting to lighten the sky in the east but is not above the trees yet.
Then I heard a dull roar outside. I could tell it was not very close to be but I could tell it was loud (I have the a/c on and the room is made from concrete blocks.) I went outside to see what was going on. It was what is called a bonka boat. I do not know if that is how they spell it but that is the way it is pronounced.
They usually power the small boats here with about a 16 HP Briggs and Stratton engine and I have yet to see one with a muffler. They are deafening to ride in. I know it is a cultural thing but most Filipinos have NO consideration for anyone but themselves and it drives me nuts sometimes.
There are very few restrictions here about livestock of any kind. A lot of people raise fighting cocks and if you remember anything about chickens you know the roosters like to crow. The more roosters in a small area the more they crow. A lot of the motorcycles here use a straight pipe instead of a muffler.
There goes another boat right now.
They also raise a lot of pigs right in the city. The smell is not as bad as you might think because in most cases there is only one piglet tied to a tree but it is probably right on the path you have to walk on so you need to walk around the pig and watch what you step in.
Since most traffic laws are nonexistent or not enforced here it can be a challenge to drive. People stop and talk anywhere they want, double and even triple park making a wide street into a one car width lane.
Another boat.
There do not seem to be any noise ordnances, leash laws, public drinking laws, etc. Since I tend to be very libertarian that all sounds good until you have to live with everyone doing anything they want to do.
I will be glad to get moved into my house when it is finally finished. It is on a very quiet area of the island and should be very peaceful.
I will attach a few random pics showing some of my lot and the beach.


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