Best laid plans
We woke up about 3:40 AM today to go back to CDO for a few days. We got to the pier at 4:30 only to find out the ferry that was supposed to leave at 5:30 was broken down. The next ferry does not leave until 7 AM so we drove the 10 miles back to the room we rent on Camiguin to kill time.
The Philippines has at least as many people on welfare as the USA does. One day earlier this week I noticed a couple pink t-shirts with a logo on them. I asked Les about them but she did not know what they were at that time. Then we started seeing other color t-shirts with the same logo on them all over Sagay (the small town we are staying in.)
She asked around and found out the t-shirts were given by the government and each area got their own color. It was also FREE MONEY day for the poor people. As a result the town was flooded with hundreds of people who could not wait to spend their money. By about noon all the excitement was over and the town was back to the sleepy burg it normally is.
When driving to the ferry this morning I did notice there is one bakeshop at was open. Considering how small this town is I was amazed. It is hard to guess how many people live here because there are so many kids but the town is only about 3 blocks wide and 8 blocks long so I would say it has about 500-750 people maybe. There are about a dozen small stores that sell groceries, about 4 bakeshops, 2 gas stations, 5 or 6 small hardware stores one public elementary school, one public high school and one private school.
I can see the private school out my window right now. It is on the far side of a block that is between us but they have had band practice a few days and it can very easily be heard inside my room and that is with the A/C on here.
The men are making good progress on our house. They are pouring the concrete for the foundations that will be under the posts our house will sit on. I am hoping to be living in our new house by about March 1st.
Our house will be on the main highway between Sagay and Catarman. Catarman is a little bigger than Sagay but not much. We will be about a mile from Sagay and 2 miles from Catarman.
Until this week I thought the tide here was only 12-14 inches and that may be what it is normally but even our landlord here in Sagay commented yesterday about how high the tide has been this week. I started paying attention to the time last week and now I think the difference between the extreme high tide and extreme low tide is almost 3 feet. That puts my house closer to sea level than I really like but since I am still about 6’ above high tide plus the 4’ legs that my house will sit on so I still consider myself very safe.
Les has been reading on Facebook about two earthquakes that hit CDO about 4 AM this morning. I guess one of them was 4.5 on the scale so I assume that woke everyone up.
It is now 1 PM and we are in CDO. No earthquakes since we got here but I got a few PSAs on my phone about some quakes nearby. One was a 5.4.


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