I came back to Camiguin alone on Wednesday because Les is busy trying to get her mom’s house construction finished in CDO and I need to be here to keep the carpenters busy.

The internet connection on Camiguin is slow at best. I was able to Skype with Les last night with fair results.  The pic was a little blurry but OK. Tonight we were Skyping with very blurry video then got cut off and now I cannot even send a FB message because of my slow connection.  I do not NEED the internet but I will admit I have become very adapted to it and miss it when I cannot use it. It has been a couple hours since we got cut off and I still cannot connect to any website.

There are 7 ferries that run between Mindanao and Camiguin.  All of them are about 100-130 feet long and will hold about 10 cars or 3 or 4 trucks and a few cars.  There were 4 straight trucks on the ferry with me yesterday.

The ferry ride here yesterday was the rockiest I can remember.  It was not bad but I started out sitting in my truck on the bottom deck.  I could not see anything beyond a few feet because of other vehicles and the ferry hull beside me.  I started getting slightly sea sick so I went to the passenger compartment.  The waves were only about 3’ from the top of one to the bottom of the trough but the wind was blowing about 20 miles per hour.

Most of the ferries here have a ramp on the front so they can pull right into the sloped dock and unload wheeled vehicles.  The connection between the ferry and the hinged ramp is not water tight and I could see that we were taking on several gallons of sea water per second on the windward side. I am sure (hope anyway) that the ship’s bilge pumps can handle several times as much water per second than we were taking on. The trip usually takes almost exactly one hour.  It took an extra 11 minutes yesterday.

When I was driving the highway along the coast I could see that the waves were bigger than I have seen here before. Not bad mind you, just bigger than normal. On my beach they were only about one foot higher than I have seen before.  From the looks of the debris that has washed up in the last 2 months I can tell some storms have waves at least 5 feet higher than normal. My house will sit at least 15 feet above sea level though.

My last attempt to get on line last night was about 2 AM. I gave up and went to bed after writing most of this post.  It is now 7:45 and I am Skyping with Les just fine. The video is blurry but the sound is OK.

Les told me there was another landslide that blocked the highway between the ferry port and CDO. There are other roads but it would take many hours of extra time to go on those roads.

I will try to do another post tonight with pictures of my lot.




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